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S.F. couple wed in Tanzania after a global romance

Her foot was bleeding profusely after she snagged it on a rusty nail. She was on a fishing boat off the coast of a Honduran island in 2010, and the man she’d been dating for just six months took off his white linen pants, wrapped her foot in them and calmly carried her to shore. That was the moment Heather Grabowski, now 29, knew this was the man she wanted to marry.

No more goodbyes for couple separated by 500 miles

Almost every Friday night for three years, Brianne McElhiney, 26, and Patrick Noonan, 28, greeted each other with a curbside kiss at the airport. By Sunday night, they were back at the curb, saying goodbye. Because they lived nearly 500 miles apart, this was their routine from the time they had their first date in June 2010 until the time they said “I do” in August 2013.

9 weeks from ‘Will you?’ to ‘I do’

Jordan Troester popped the question to his girlfriend of two years, Jessica Howard, in Lake Tahoe. After a surprised and joyful “yes,” Howard had a question for him. “When do you want to get married?” His reply: “Soon.” Her response: “Me too.”


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